Warranty conditions

The warranty applies to the engine of the product

  • LTD ELECTRON offers 1 year warranty service to customers. Warranty service is provided by our authorized service center.
  • The warranty period is calculated from the date indicated on the warranty paper when purchasing the products.
  • To receive the warranty service, the customer must present the warranty paper, which contains the date of sale of the product, the product model and the seal of LTD ELECTRON.
  • In case of finding a factory fault, during the warranty period our service center will repair the mentioned product if it is technically possible. If the product cannot be repaired for technical reasons, the product is replaced with a new one.
  • The warranty does not cover product wear, spare parts and visual damage.

Warranty service does not apply if:

  • The product does not have a warranty paper.
  • The warranty paper has expired.
  • The warranty paper does not match the product model, date of sale or our company seal.
  • Operating conditions were violated, including when using wearable materials not foreseen by the factory-manufacturer.
  • The product is arbitrarily repaired or disassembled during the warranty period.
  • The product has damage or defect caused by external mechanical, thermal or chemical damage, careless use, natural disasters.
  • The product was operating in a very overloaded mode, which caused its damage.
  • The product is a beginner/amateur model and was used for industrial or professional purposes.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of its correct operation before using the product. In many cases, the main cause of the damage is not taking into account the rules given in the instructions.

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